Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Harper Collins, the Publishers, have a site called, Authonomy. Thanks to someone I met on Twitter I heard about it. That persons name is Tania and she has her book on there called, That Last Summer. If you go to the site, which I hope you will after reading this, then please look up her book as it is an excellent read which is completely different to mine.

A couple of years ago, I was told by about 3-4 different Medium friends I have, that they could see a book with my name on it. It was suggested that I sit at my computer and wait to see what would happen. I did so and I have now written 2 and 1/2 books. Two of these books have been written by me, but the wording was given to me by another and that person was from the world of spirit. Now, you may find that very hard to believe - so do I, but it is fact. The writing is different to my style and has a flow to it that I couldn't do. I have put two books on Authonomy and I now wish I had only put one of them on there. Quite honestly, I can't even remember what they say. It is so long since I put them away and never looked at them again. One is a smaller manual type booklet, the other is more in depth. Both are on the same subject and are called: A GUIDE'S GUIDE TO MEDIUMSHIP AND HEALING and A GUIDE'S GUIDE TO THE PARANORMAL.

It is thanks to Tania that these books have been put on there and I am not sure how they'll do or what people will think of them. So far, I have had very favourable comments, but I need to target a market that is more for this sort of literature. keep your fingers crossed that this may lead to something. If any of you reading this can get others to read my ( and Tania's) books to support us, please do so.

This is a very small post this time as I have been so busy, and still am. I shall put a link on here that you can go to in order to see our books. Happy reading and thanks for your support,


You will need to copy and paste these onto a google site or similar.


  1. Thanks for the plug L. I think you should approach some specialist publishers for yours - look on Amazon to see who published similar books (psychic etc)

  2. Look here to see the most amazing thing.