Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Harper Collins, the Publishers, have a site called, Authonomy. Thanks to someone I met on Twitter I heard about it. That persons name is Tania and she has her book on there called, That Last Summer. If you go to the site, which I hope you will after reading this, then please look up her book as it is an excellent read which is completely different to mine.

A couple of years ago, I was told by about 3-4 different Medium friends I have, that they could see a book with my name on it. It was suggested that I sit at my computer and wait to see what would happen. I did so and I have now written 2 and 1/2 books. Two of these books have been written by me, but the wording was given to me by another and that person was from the world of spirit. Now, you may find that very hard to believe - so do I, but it is fact. The writing is different to my style and has a flow to it that I couldn't do. I have put two books on Authonomy and I now wish I had only put one of them on there. Quite honestly, I can't even remember what they say. It is so long since I put them away and never looked at them again. One is a smaller manual type booklet, the other is more in depth. Both are on the same subject and are called: A GUIDE'S GUIDE TO MEDIUMSHIP AND HEALING and A GUIDE'S GUIDE TO THE PARANORMAL.

It is thanks to Tania that these books have been put on there and I am not sure how they'll do or what people will think of them. So far, I have had very favourable comments, but I need to target a market that is more for this sort of literature. keep your fingers crossed that this may lead to something. If any of you reading this can get others to read my ( and Tania's) books to support us, please do so.

This is a very small post this time as I have been so busy, and still am. I shall put a link on here that you can go to in order to see our books. Happy reading and thanks for your support,


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Monday, 19 October 2009


By now you all know that I have pretty strong opinions on things and am not afraid to speak out. The possible postal strikes is one of those things that I have no time for. I had quite a diatribe with a postal worker about this very thing on Twitter. He/she tried to tell me that they were doing it for US!! No, I am very sorry, but NO striker ever did it for the people. They do it for themselves and what they want from their bosses.

I have no problem with what this person told me about their present working conditions, but I do have a problem with their attitude. All over this country today, there are people being treated in the most disgusting way by their bosses. I have been in the workplace at the hands of these people who believe themselves to be all powerful. The truth is, people at work are being bullied, used and abused by their employers. They are threatened with losing their jobs if they don't work unpaid overtime and often are unable to take their holiday entitlement. I had the same at work, I never took holiday as I was told that they were too busy. If I wasn't that worried about my job then there may not be one there for me when I got back. And as for their argument about the amount of workers - when I left my last job it was split between 5 people. Yes, 5 people. That is how hard I was working so don't tell us how hard done by you are. We ALL are these days.

How disgraceful is this behaviour? Sadly, it is not uncommon behaviour and the majority of workers today are having to put up with this treatment. Why this is allowed to happen when it is common knowledge I do not know. It is time the Government stepped in in did something about it. I do not for one moment believe people who go out to do an honest days work should be treated in this way. It is making people ill and once the company has burned you out, you're replaced without any feelings of conscience on their part. They just use you until there's nothing left.

Now, all of this said, how many of these people go on strike? I am sure that many, if not all, of you reading this are going through the same treatment at your place of work. Have YOU thought of going on strike? No. So why do these postal workers think that they will win the sympathy of the general public if they do? Don't they realise that by their very action, they are making the lives of all fellow sufferers worse? Their strike action is only going to antagonise everyone in the country. If everyone else has to put up with it, and far worse in some cases, why should postal workers feel it is their right to make life even worse for people? Are they so unintelligent that not one of them can see this is the only outcome they will achieve? They will get no sympathy from anyone except Labourites who would all go on strike given half the chance.

It may seem harsh, but kick the whole lot out and give their jobs to people who are desperate for a wage. There are people out there who have been seeking a job for a long time with no joy. Honest, hard working, decent people who only want to get out there and do any job, even ones they are well over qualified for. These people would gladly take their jobs and would do them well. No one is irreplaceable and maybe they should realise that. We all like to think we are very important and that we would be missed if we went. The reality is very different. There is always someone else able to step in your shoes and do your job equally as well, if not better in some cases.

It is time we took a harsh line with these shirkers. There has to be another way to sort their grievances, but I do wonder just how bad things really are. The person who spoke with me to argue their point in favour of strike, was complaining about working ONE extra hour a day. ONE!! I used to do an 84 hour week for goodness sake and didn't moan. I was grateful to have a job and a wage packet which enabled me to look after my son. I have never been on the dole in my life. There are always jobs if you are willing to do anything when necessary.

I'm sorry, stop moaning and thank God that you are still in work and being given a decent wage. Yes, it is decent even if you don't think so. Everyone else is in the same boat my friends so get on with it or find something more positive to do about changing things for the better. Doing the dirty on other people is not how to gain sympathy or win votes. Think on it and maybe you'll realise that actually, you are very lucky people who will actually be able to afford Christmas for your children this year. How many unemployed can say the same!!


Some people seem to think I am complaining about our postmen/women.I'm not. They do an absolutely superb job in all weathers and against all the odds of badly addressed or almost illegible envelopes. I would hate to see them disappear from our streets and fear that this may happen. I thank each and every one of them for the incredible job they do, but I do stand by what I say about the strike action. I have spoken to many postal workers who are actually AGAINST the idea of striking and do not agree with points put forward in its favour. From this, it would appear not ALL postal workers are of the opinion that there should be a strike and some do, in fact, agree with my opinions.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


A couple of years ago whilst at the Theatre attending a show, I was aware of something happening next to the person singing. I could not work out what was happening and kept trying to figure out if it was the stage lighting or a smudge on my glasses that was making me "see things". I soon realised that, yes, I was seeing things, but not things of this world. As the singer had stepped onto the stage everything was quite normal. The moment he opened his mouth to sing is when everything changed for me.

Once I realised and accepted that there was indeed "something or someone" standing next to him I linked in. This has never happened to me in a theatre like this before. At the end of the show, the star said he would be signing autographs in the foyer. As I went to leave, I found myself drawn towards him. I had received information for him but didn't want to approach him as it is rather naff and besides, he would probably think I was a nutcase. However, I wasn't able to leave and I saw him glancing over at me several times. I did approach in the end and asked if I could speak to him privately. He came to one side and I gave him what I had received mediumistically during his song. He was stunned and thanked me.

Two weeks later, there was another musical with the same touring production. It was different from the first show we saw him in and had already bought tickets to attend both shows before meeting him. We went along and enjoyed it just as much. This time though, for the whole of the second half, the stage was filled with people (from the world of spirit) each time he came on stage. I knew they were all around him but decided that this time I was NOT going to approach him again. I didn't, but, he did approach me. He asked me to wait until everyone had gone because he wanted to speak to me.

My husband and I stood to one side and as we did, I felt drawn to a lady standing nearby. I kept glancing at her and in the end approached her. I said "you're his mother aren't you". She was very surprised and admitted she was. I then said something to her about him and gave her a message which saw her promptly burst in to tears. I apologised profusely. It hadn't been anything nasty, worrying or something that shouldn't be said. It was an ordinary statement given word for word the way I had it "given" to me to pass on to her. She then gave me her telephone numbers and asked me to call her in a day or two. She said "You have no idea about what you've just said and its meaning, do you?". I admitted I didn't. She said I had made her so happy with that comment and she wanted to explain to me. Even though I told her I didn't need to know she insisted. Her son also talked to me at length and they both wanted a chat about it.

I shall say no more on that matter as it is very private. What I shall say is, that something very big was happening in their lives which is why I think my evening was interrupted as it was. A message HAD to be got through to them and I was probably the only medium there in the audience that evening. The second show and meeting between myself and his mother, Kate was the start of a really deep friendship which continued until this year. Although on tour a lot, as it was her production, she used to e-mail me all the time and we spoke on the telephone. We told each other such secrets that we couldn't share with others. We were of a similar age and had much in common, least of all her son and mine who are of a very similar age.

The touring stopped and she resumed a life where she could once again play her golf and go skiing and on her cruises. One day last year Kate told me that she had to go to hospital for some tests as she wasn't feeling too brilliant. Not too bad, just not excellent and her blood tests had shown she needed further tests. I too, at that time, was having health problems. I had just had an operation which resulted in a very serious post operative infection and was still feeling very tired and lacking of any strength and so we shared our health secrets too. Both of us ended up improving and Christmas came and went. The new year brought terrific news that her son was getting married.

Wonderful news and she was so excited. As the year progressed I started having more health problems and so did she. Once again we jokingly told each other what a pair of old wrecks we were becoming. In the April she went off on a skiing holiday and all went quiet whilst she was away. On her return there was much to do as the wedding was in May and she would be very busy. She told me there was something she wanted to discuss and said she would contact me on her return. She also said she owed me a very long e-mail and would send one as soon as things calmed down.

My birthday, and her son's, are one day apart in March. She and I spoke at that time and she told me she was in training for the "Race for Life" a race done for cancer charities. It was in the July and so she was busy with that as well as everything else. I spoke with her again in April about the race and sponsored her for it, wishing her well with the training and saying I wished I was as fit as she was. Only two weeks after that her son telephoned me and informed me Kate was dying and had less than two weeks left to live. I was in total shock. Kate had just been away skiing and only two weeks ago she had been playing golf. How COULD she be dying? She had asked him to telephone me as she wanted me to know. She apparently lapsed in and out of consciousness from thereon in. Three days after that 'phone call, I received another to tell me that my dear friend, Kate had died.

My health problems continued and I had another operation in July this year. I thought of my dear friend and how our health problems had ended so differently. Although I had another post operative infection and was in a lot of pain, I was going to get better. My dear friend hadn't been so lucky.

On my computer, I have some of her e-mails which I filed. Only because they held certain details I didn't want to forget, dates, names, places etc. I have a bad memory at times and these were important details. That file is named KATE. I cannot delete it yet. I also still have her e-mail addresses on my list and cannot delete those either. Same for all other numbers and things. She died one week before her son's wedding. How terribly sad for him. He sent me a photograph of him with his new bride and they looked stunning. They are both very good looking anyway, but their wedding day finery made them more so.

I shall always miss my dear friend. How strange the way we met and that such a deep friendship should have been forged from that brief meeting. One day I shall be able to delete her name from everything. Not yet though. Rest in peace dear Kate and if you ever want to come back and pass a message for your son, I will be only too happy to give it to him. Miss you terribly, my love always,

your friend

Lorraine. xxx